About B2B Ghostwriting

As the demand for high-quality content continues to increase, the need for highly qualified, top-notch writers in the business-to-business (B2B) space will continue to increase as well. Very often, B2B content producers are uncredited ghostwriters, either writing on behalf of a brand or producing thought leadership content under the bylines of C-level executives and other industry leaders who have the ideas but don't necessarily have the time or the writing expertise to compose their own content.

Because of the growing demand for excellent B2B writers and the difficulty many companies have finding them, we want to help both writers and business leaders understand how B2B ghostwriting works. It's a burgeoning field for professional writers, who are often hesitant to write without bylines. And it's a real requirement for businesses who need to keep the content flowing to remain relevant in today's ideas-driven marketplace.

Leslie Hancock

Founder, Chief Ghost & Word Nerd

Leslie has been creating content for a variety of industries and audiences for over 20 years. She's written and published literally millions of words, but rarely under her own byline. She was a B2B ghostwriter before it was cool, and now she's ready to share what she's learned to help writers and business leaders connect more effectively and keep great B2B content flowing in every industry.

www.LHancock.com // @lesliehancock // Leslie@LHancock.com

JD Hancock

Director of Pixel-Pushing

JD is the behind-the-scenes guy. A web-slinger by trade, he serves as tech support, designer, and operations lead for B2B Ghostwriting. He's "Internet famous" for his humorous tabletop photography -- if you've been to a conference in the past several years, or if you've visited any number of major web publications like C-Net, Forbes, Fast Company, Mashable, and others, you've almost certainly seen his photos. You'll also see his photos illustrating our articles here as well.

jdhancock.com // @jdhancock

Dirk Bronne


Dirk's fingers have hovered over a keyboard for almost as long as he can remember. He started out many years ago as a technical writer dabbling in creative writing on the side, and he transitioned that blend of storytelling with a clear, concise communication style into B2B ghostwriting. He prefers to keep a low personal profile, focusing on making his employers' and clients' brands shine instead of his own, making him perhaps the ideal ghost.